Recruiting Texas State University Talent

Looking to recruit Texas State University talent into your business or organization?

As a resource of Texas State, Career Services offers a free job database called Jobs4Cats. Every Texas State student has access to Jobs4Cats, therefore it is a valuable resource for small businesses to post part-time and full-time jobs as well as internships. 


"It's smart for downtown businesses with job and internship openings to reach out to incoming students living on campus, because it enables them to walk or bike to work," Main Street Program Manager Samantha Armbruster said. "Plus, it frees up parking for potential customers!"


Career Services staff members are available to walk employers through a step-by-step process on how to sign-up for Jobs4Cats. In addition, they offer other resources throughout the school year:

  • Information Tables - Limited to two times a semester, your business is able to have a table and chairs in a high-traffic area on campus to inform students on jobs you have.
  • Bobcat Career Chat - Hosted at Career Services, this is a free 1 hour information session where you can speak about various topics including resume writing, interviewing, professional image and much more to relate back to your business.
  • Bobcat Career Contact - Want to become a mentor to students? Have your information accessible for students to reach to you for information interviews, advice or guidance.
  • Career Fairs - In the fall semester there are 10 career fairs that you may attend. Register and pay online or contact Summer Salazar for any additional information to participate:

Millennials & Internships

Career Services explained to Main Street the importance of adjusting to our millennials as we continue to hire and grow our business. In this day and age, internships should be treated as a job. Treat your interns as employees and give them real work to do. Design your program, set goals and build a plan. Millennials enjoy having some guidance, so be sure to have an orientation or training prepared for them. Throughout the internship, supervising and mentoring is very important, along with feedback and evaluation.

So how do you get an intern?

While recruiting for an intern, create a profile on Jobs4Cats and customize your job posting. Let your potential intern know who your company is, what your company's values are and what experience the intern will receive. 

“If you want a serious candidate, be as descriptive as possible in your job posting,” Career Services' Career Advisor Montalvo said.

Additionally, many employers find it difficult to keep in contact with their younger interns and  employees. Therefore, Career Services came up with a range of communication styles scaled from the best way to get in contact to worst:

  1. Text/Instant Messenger Apps (ex. Slack, GroupMe, etc)
  2. Email with important subject line
  3. Social Media
  4. Phone call (Voicemail)
  5. In-person

Texas State University Off-Campus Work Study

The Texas College Work-Study Program (TWS) was created in 1989 by the 71st Texas Legislature to provide financially needy students enrolled at Texas public and private institutions with part-time jobs funded by the state and employer (Texas Education Code, §56.071, Subchapter E). The program is based on a cost-sharing model where the state appropriates a portion of the student wages, while the employer pays for the remaining share of wages and other employment related costs.

If your for-profit or non-profit organization is interested in considering participation in this program, contact Sheyenne Krysher. Her info is below. 

Main Street Opportunities

The San Marcos Main Street Program is located at 317 N. LBJ Dr. and is involved with many Texas State organizations, along with hosting their own events throughout the year. Please feel free to share your needs with us so we can promote you at upcoming events or show you how to get involved with such events.


Bruce Howard

Career Advisor of Career Services


Lilly Montalvo

Career Advisor of Career Services


Sheyenne Krysher

Assistant Director - Operations & Student Employment


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By Kristen Torrez