The Ninth Day of Christmas: Presents for Him

Downtown San Marcos has an awesome variety of gifts for him, especially if in these last few days before Christmas you're still trying to figure out what to get for that special guy in your life. Whether it's for your dad, husband, father, or friend, here are some cool and quick options that might help. 



Hill Country Humidor on the square has some great hand crafted cigars which are one of kind from the local humidor of San Marcos. These cigars would complement well with some eggnog or wassail during those long post-Christmas dinner conversations.


Aware of his cracked phone that he's been trying to get fixed over the past few months? We know life happens and sometimes we have to sacrifice and prioritize time and effort. 

Fortunately now’s the time! Mobile Geeks phone repair shop on the square is a locally run business that has the qualities and credentials needed to get your phone, whatever make and model it may be, back to as "smooth as new.” Mobile Geeks does repairs on personal computers and laptops, gaming systems, software re installment, and password bypass too. 

IMG_5943 (1).JPG

The Hub Bicycle Shop has just what you need for him this holiday season. How about incorporating Christmas with those well-endowed New Year’s resolutions. A bike for him would cover all the above. Not to mention maybe a new found love of cycling or an old rekindled joy. The Hub has just what you need for all riders. From advanced to traditional bike styles. Pay the Hub Cycle Shop in downtown San Marcos a visit today! 


San Marcos Barbershop on the Square is one of the most rooted and trusted full service barbershops around. Why not stop in sometime and see for yourself? If you're wanting to drop hints to that significant man in your life, or maybe you are that significant man in your life to get fresh and pampered San Marcos barbershop is the place for you. Bring in the New Year the right way. The only way, choose San Marcos barbershop today! 

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