Get Your Mermaid On!

A How-to Guide

Mermaid Season is upon us. What is SPLASH and what can your business do to prepare for it?

SPLASH stands for Stewardship, Preservation, Local, Arts, Sustainability.  It is a celebration of all things San Marcos, Sept. 8th - Sept 22nd.

SMTX Mermaid SPLASH, an annual city-wide, multi-event festival, celebrating our city’s arts, culture, heritage and our most precious resource, the San Marcos River. This festival has something for everyone!

Helpful links: Mermaid Society SMTX

SPLASH Events:

Click here for ALL mermaid events!

September 15 - Mer-tini Shakedown Competition

September 22 @ 10am - Downtown Mermaid Promenade

What you can do to prepare your business for Mermaid Season:

  • Host a Parade watch party. If the Downtown Mermaid Promenade route is near you, make your spot the place to be.
  • Retailers - Stock mermaid gear! If you have it, mermaid patrons will buy it. Consider ordering stock now so that you are prepared for patrons looking for mermaid-themed decorations, toys, etc. Kristan, owner of KnD's has added mermaid themed merchandise for kids and adults.
  • Restaurants and bars - Create a specialty mermaid menu and/or drink item! Visit our "How Root Cellar is supporting the Mermaid Movement" to see what they have planned.
  • Hair and makeup salons - Keep in mind that patrons will be preparing for the Mermaid Ball and Downtown Mermaid Parade! Businesses offering mermaid makeup and hair will be ahead of the game.
  • Artists - Consider adding mermaids to your creative process! Last year, artists had great success selling mermaid-themed art.
  • Many businesses and individuals reported increased sales at this event last year. All downtown stakeholders are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and capitalize on the festivities in a way that best fits your business.
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