Recap of January's Small Business Training Event

Main Street and the Chamber paired up to host "Fresh Start for Finances" Monday, January 9th to help small businesses.

Our expert panel will discussed topics like Quickbooks tips and tricks, common banking mistakes to avoid and new technology to make your life easier. Below is a recap.



Justin Payne, Frost Bank

Wes Oldfather, Root Cellar Cafe

Autumn Schwartz, Schwartz & Associates

Roxy Miles, Business Coach

Moderator: Kayli Head, Bloom Bar

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How to ensure your CPA will not hate you?

Stay organized with apps and software like:

·        QuickBooks Online

·        FreshBooks

·        Xero

·        HoneyBook

·        Wave

·        Neat Receipts

·        Peach Tree

·        Excel is always a great option to stay organized.

When should you hire a CPA?

If you are too busy or do not prioritize organizing businesses expenses. There is no better time than NOW.

Tip: Be aware of cash flow, both money coming in and money owed.  Some software or apps are linked to financial services and automatically update, be sure to monitor these automatic updates.

Know the monetary value of your service, do not underestimate yourself.

Monitor – Make your accountant accountable.


·        Have a schedule.  Use apps organizational apps to your advantage but remember an app is only as good as the information you input into it.

·        Use a banking app and check it daily.

·        Document EVERYTHING.

·        Record mileage using an app like MilesIQ

·        Separate personal and business finances

·        Have a good CPA

·        Make a good first impression on your banker

·        Ask about bank’s portfolios

·        Do not put ALL your money in one place

·        Build a relationship with your banker

Biggest Tips for dealing with finances?

·        Ask questions

·        Research

·        Find people who thrive at aspects of business you may lack in.

·        Put ego aside, it is okay to ask for help. 

·        Do not avoid or procrastinate dealing with your finances.

·        Find a suitable system for your needs.

How to find the perfect CPA?

·        Google and meet with several.

·        Ask specific questions pertaining to YOUR business.

·        Seek out associations, organizations, or groups in your field to get referrals.

·        Make sure you ‘mesh’ well with your CPA

How to leave your CPA?

Communicate in the way you feel most comfortable. Letters are always professional and less awkward.

How should you store receipts?

·        Scan receipts

·        Apps using photographs

·        Remember to be consistent!

Tip: Accountants and bookkeepers create checks and balances for each other.

Who does what?

CPA = Taxes

Bookkeeper = day to day finances

Investment bank = loans and future monetary needs

Other resources:

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