The Seventh Day of Christmas: Dream Team Favorites

When the Dream Team isn't busy making magic happen within the walls of the Main Street office, they are out and about exploring all of the wonderful things Downtown San Marcos has to offer. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift this holiday season let the members of the Main Street Dream Team help you out. We sat down with the 8 members of the Dream Team to find out what their favorite Downtown gifts are and where YOU can purchase them!



Caleb's favorite Downtown item can be found at Superfly's Lone Star Music Emporium. If you are shopping for someone that hates mainstream music than stop by Superfly's and pick up a Vinyl or CD of a band you have never heard of! 



If you are shopping for one of those people that likes to drink things you can't pronounce then Alex has the perfect gift for you. A gift card from Tantra Coffeehouse is perfect for your Yerba Mate drinking friend! 


If you are looking for something that can bring life into a room and happiness to someone than opt for Gabriela's Downtown favorite. Head down to Bower Bird and make your way upstairs to Daughter of the Wild Creations new Studio El Nido and get lost in the beautiful succulents and jewelry. 



There are many people that love to reminisce on their childhood memories. If you are looking for a gift for someone that likes all things fun, like Akshatha, then head over to Paper Bear and get lost in the nostalgia of old games and more! 

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One gift that people often forget about is the "gift of ink." Amanda suggests purchasing a gift certificate from Classic Tattoo if you can't find a more physical gift option. Plus, they will always think of you... what is more permanent than a tattoo or piercing! 

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Kaelin is known as the fashionista in the office and if you are searching hard for the perfect gift for the trendsetter in your life then head over to River Rose


As a sweet tooth, Ashley spends much of her time sampling all of the sweet things you can find Downtown. If you are searching for a gift for a sweet tooth than head to Candy, Sweets and Treats.



You can never go wrong with the gift of food, take a page from Shane's book and head on down to Cafe on the Square and pick up a gift card for the food lover in your life! 

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