How Root Cellar is Supporting the Mermaid Movement

Our guest blogger is Megan Turbeville, Executive Chef of Root Cellar Enterprises who tells us how her downtown business is "Getting Their Mermaid On"

Dust off those tails and shells, it’s time to gear up for Mermaid Week ya’ll! This is two weeks of Mer-mania, and we LOVE it. Who doesn’t love a reason to put glitter on EVERYTHING. This includes our exclusive Mermosa, a sparkling coconut flavored champagne cocktail, garnished with an edible pearl. This will be available at the Root Cellar bakery/coffeeshop, for the entire month of September. We’ll also be featuring specialty desserts with a Mermaid twist!

The Root Cellar Catering Co. is privileged to be able to cater the Mermaid Ball for the third year in a row. This is a premier event for San Marcos. A chance for the city to really dress up and celebrate arts and culture in the community. Lots of dancing, art installations, and costumed frippery highlighted the free spirited nature of the event.

While the glitz and glam of the Mermaid Ball is fun, the Mermaid Society is not all parties and parades! They host several events throughout Mermaid Week. Including a symposium for local/small business owners, one for arts & culture, and even one for river stewardship...they even host a river cleanup. This movement is about education at its core, packaged with a lot of glitter and sequins.

"The Mermaid" means more than a flirty tail and sparkling scales. She guards our river and plays muse to the artists of our unique city. The Mermaid Society harnesses the power of the Mermaid, and builds a bridge between businesses, Texas State students, and San Martians. She teaches the young to take care of her environment, and she teaches the old to remember the magic that lives in our river and our hearts.

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